Pokemon Go Mod V0.235.0 (Fake GPS, Teleporting)

If you are from the 90s, you probably have watched your favourite cartoon, Pokemon. Pokemon go Mod lets you meet your favourite cartoon and enjoy the journey of playing with it. Have you ever felt stuck while playing this game? Do you want to win this game with simple controls? For this purpose, you need to learn some tips and tricks. We will share the tips and cheats to play this game. 

 Yet, you still want to cheat, so it is okay. Some fantastic Mods and cheats are working but going against the Terms of Service of Pokemon Go. Although this will lead to a permanent account ban, you can continue to play Pokemon Go without getting banned if you use it carefully. What can you do? We will discuss everything related to Pokemon Go Cheats in this article, so don’t worry.

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What is the Pokemon go Mod?

pokemon go Mod

Pokemon is a game based on the 90s cartoon of the same name. Using your smartphone, you can capture Pokemons in the virtual world. During the game, players use the GPS and the Google Map pre-installed on their smartphones to capture Pokemon. You can catch Pokemons when they appear while walking through the streets. Furthermore, there are Pokemon Gyms where you can fight fellow players and collect free items from Pokestops. Awesome!

 You don’t need to worry if you didn’t capture any Pokemon during the Pokemon Go Mod since there is no time limit for catching Pokemon! Capturing Pokemon is Not Everything in Game. Also, you can collect monsters; this game offers over 150 types of pocket monsters for you to collect. You can find Pokémon near you using your smartphone; then, you can go there and throw a Pokeball to capture it. All well and good, but where’s the Mod?

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 Because Pokemon Go has never been Moded, the word “Mod” is in parenthesis. There are no significant issues with the system since it is on Niantic’s Online Server and based on Google Maps. Moders can find the hole, but instead of Pokemon Go Mods, Special Mods can be created by bypassing the standard settings.

Features of Pokemon Go Mod

pokemon go Mod cheat

List of cheats and Mods for Pokemon


Spamming is when someone fakes their GPS location. A location-based game spoofs your location, so Pokémon Go thinks you’re somewhere you’re not. As well as getting access to raids and gyms, you can also lie to the game about how many steps you’re taking. Niantic has banned player spoofing in Pokémon Go and Ingress before it. Niantic deprives you of your ill-gotten Pokemon and possibly bans your account.


The process of botting resembles spoofing, but it’s automated. Many scripts and fake characters allow botters to travel to PokéScape, collecting as many high-level Pokémon as possible. Maps on the website include ads and donation buttons, and users can also purchase accounts online. This is another attempt by Niantic to make it harder and less valuable than in the past. In addition, shadow-bans are blocking non-common Pokémon from bot accounts and deleting Pokémon obtained illegitimately, so these Pokémon are worthless in battle.

Auto-IV checkers

There’s more to shadow-banning Pokemon Go than just bots. The game is banning accounts made accessible to third-party apps that abuse the API, like IV checkers. Removing your account access from these apps and changing your Google password can help you avoid or reverse the ban. Pokémon Go has simplified the appraisal system, so using an IV checker is no longer necessary. Just use your in-game appraisals instead!

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Multiple Accounts 

It’s possible to cheat even without bots or spoofs by using multiple accounts. They quickly fill up a Gym as soon as it’s down with the performances of their friends, families, and teammates – even if those people have stopped playing for a long time.


Some players who can’t or don’t want to take over new gyms use a second account for another team, knock their teammates’ Pokémon off their Gym, then replace them with the Pokémon of their new team. To combat this problem, Pokemon Go has implemented a cooldown timer to prevent players from reclaiming a cleared spot after the attack has ended for several minutes.

How to Download and Install Pokemon go Mod?

The downloading process of this game is as simple as other apps. You have to follow these steps to get this game on your phone. 

  • Click on the download link we have given here
  • The game will start downloading
  • When the file is downloaded, go to your phone and open the Downloads folder 
  • Look for the downloaded .apk file
  • Click to install 
  • Allows installation from unknown sources if you have applied any privacy. 
  • When the installation is done, open the game and enjoy playing it.

Final Thoughts

This article aims to provide you with information on how to do Pokemon Go Mod Android. You may lose your account if you proceed to follow this method. Proceed with caution. Share this article on social media with your friends and let them know if you like it.

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