Dark Magic APK Game for Android Free Download

There are 3 different version of this game you can play which is for PC, Mac, and Android version, if you want you can download it also for MAC users download the game listed below.

Download Dark Magic for MAC

*Old saves not recognized*
Remove Kid & Cheatcode Patch (2018-Oct-23)

+ V.0.3.0f:
– Fixed Yasuko does not pay you in Evening.
– Fixed Hitomu & Namie event does not trigger (After visiting school a quest is end there)
+ V.0.3.0:
– Fixed minor bugs.
– Your maximum mana increases with your strength level.
– Now you don’t have to make them show boobs to increase corruption.
– Re-worked the Taka water system scene.
– Added more Quests with Taka.
– Added Corruption level reactions for Airi and Momoko.
– Added Family dinner option.
– Bath with Momoko.
– Momoko’s nightmare.
– Extra scene when Momoko sleeping alone in the living room (School uniform).
– Extra scene when peeking on Momoko in her room (School uniform).
– Sleepover in Airi’s room.
– Erotic books for Red Witch.
– More sexy stuff for Red Witch.
– Event: Momoko Kimiko art practice sessions.
– Event: Dark Fairy’s plan.
– Event: Hitomu and Namie.
– Event: Kimika and Kimiko.
– Main-Quest: Training with Airi (2 Sessions).
– Extended Yasuko scenes.
– +780 Images.
– +46 Animation video loops.

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