App Cloner Full 1.3.13 Patch APK MOD HACKS

App Cloner Full 1.3.13 Patch APK MOD HACKS 

App Cloner Full 1.3.13 Patch APK Utilizing App Cloner you can make and introduce various duplicates of your current applications.
Cloned applications keep running in parallel and work autonomously from their unique applications. They won’t get programmed upgrades so you can keep and run a steady form close by the first application.
Application cloning can be helpful to at the same time utilize numerous logins in applications, for example, Facebook, Twitter or Skype yet the genuine fun begins by messing around with an application. Application Cloner offers a huge number of modding alternatives to change the new application duplicate.
You can change the application name and symbol. You can evacuate consents or permit a cloned application to be introduced on the outer SD-card. You can cripple auto-begin, application reinforcements or meddling application defaults. Application Cloner can even extend a cloned application to include new usefulness, for example, secret word assurance, in secret mode with secure record cancellation, concealing the Android ID or caricaturing areas. You can likewise drive the application to devour information over Wi-Fi as it were. Each new App Cloner upgrade will include facilitate alternatives.
Premium form highlights
The free form permits fundamental cloning. Go premium to appreciate the full arrangement of alternatives:
• Clone WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger
• Create different application clones and utilize bunch cloning
• Save or share cloned applications
• Replace launcher symbols
• Clone watch applications or watch faces
Show alternatives:
• Change status, route and toolbar hues
• Change the turn bolt
• Change the application dialect, textual style, text dimension
• Keep screen on, immersive mode
• Enable multi-window bolster, change window measure
Protection choices:
• Remove application consents
• Password-secure applications
• Incognito mode for applications
• Exclude application from recents
• Change Android ID, stow away IMEI, Wi-Fi MAC
• Prevent application from showing up in screenshots
• Spoof area
Capacity alternatives:
• Allow applications to be introduced on the outside SD-card
• Allow/anticipate application reinforcements
• Sandbox outside capacity
• Clear reserve on exit
Propelling choices:
• Remove gadgets, launcher symbol
• Disable auto-begin
• Disable application defaults
Organizing choices:
• Disable versatile information
• Disable foundation organizing
• SOCKS intermediary (course activity through intermediary)
Notice alternatives:
• Notification channel
• Silence notices
• Change notice shading
Computerization alternatives:
• Set brilliance or quiet on begin
• Do not Disturb, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controls
• Tasker incorporation
Not all applications can be cloned. App Cloner Full 1.3.13 Patch APK Cloned applications may crash, indicate blunders or work inaccurately.
Cloning an application will change its testament, which implies the new application may not work in the event that it confirms its authentication or on the off chance that it associates with different applications by a similar distributer.
Application segments that rely on upon the testament, for example, Google account logins, Google Play administrations, Google Maps, Google Cloud Messaging or in-application buys won’t work as well as break the cloned application.
Some applications that can be cloned:
• Amazon Kindle
• DropBox (aside from inner PDF watcher)
• eBay
• Facebook (just on Android 5.0 or later, dialect is English as it were)
• Facebook Lite
• Firefox
• Flickr
• Flipboard
• Instagram
• Netflix
• Opera, Opera Mini
• Outlook
• Pinterest
• Skype
• Spotify
• SwiftKey Keyboard
• Telegram
• Threema
• Tumblr
• Twitter
• WordPress
• Yahoo Mail
Watch applications and watch countenances can normally additionally be cloned.
Some applications that can’t be cloned:
• Most Google applications
• Chrome
• Evernote
• OneDrive
• Snapchat
• Skype for Business
• Trello
• Viber
• WeChat
• YouTube (variant 4.2.x works)
On the off chance that you discover an application that can’t be effectively cloned you may utilize ‘Report application issue’ to demonstrate the issue.
To introduce applications you have to empower Settings > Security > Unknown sources.
To clone watch confronts you may need to empower ‘Show framework applications’ from the route menu.
Instruction for PREMIUM:

  1. Install Lucky Patcher.
  2. Download and extract file App Cloner archive zip
  3. Copy .txt file to:
    */storage/sdcard0/LuckyPatcher/*.txt file here (if you ROM is older than JellyBean)
    */storage/sdcard0/Android/data/*.txt file here (if your ROM is higher than JellyBean)
  4. Install App Cloner apk
  5. Open Lucky Patcher and touch and hold on App Cloner app…don’t launch it yet!
  6. Select Open Menu of Patches
  7. Select Custom patch
  8. Now select Apply button.

Wait for a while and you’ll get a success GREEN message!
Launch app again and check PREMIUM features.
• ‘Display size’ option
• ‘Disable clipboard access’ option
• ‘Recently installed apps’ group
• ‘Interpreted mode’ option
• German translation
• Bug fixes
Screenshot App Cloner Full 1.3.13 Patch APK

App Cloner Full 1.3.13 Patch APK

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