A Christmas Tradition APK Game for Android Free Download + PC Version

A Christmas Tradition APK Download _v1.0 (Latest Version)

For those PC gamers, you can also play this game using your Windows PC or Mac link provided below.


Release Date: 2018-12-25
Developer: OrbOrigin Patreon
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Censored: No
Version: Complete
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux.
Language: English

What’s New?
A new game! A Christmas Tradition APK Download We’ve just released our new game called A Christmas Tradition, celebrating for the holiday! 
Also, we have launched a Deviant Art web page!
Check out down below and we hope that you’ll enjoy it!
We’re open for criticism and feedback so come at us!

Who Are We:
OrbOrigin is a newly fresh production that creates interactive choice-based adult visual novel.

Our Genre & Style:
We are aiming for a reality world yet a handful of fantasy for fun and lewdful imagination~
Fetishes may include the follow …
BDSM (Whipping, Tying, Blindfolding)
Big/Small Boobs
Public Sex
…and possible more…

From the very beginning we started as digital arts but we have decided to change into rendering 3D using 3D Daz.
We are making short-medium stories games, quick and easy to enjoy. But our biggest goal is to gradually create a long on-going game that will be the symbol for our team!
Our games like A Christmas Tradition APK Download (for now) will be free to play however, being a patron will grant you access as more choice making, extra rendering, and Patron Only choices in our games.

Please look forward to that and stay tune for updates!

For as long as you can remember, you never properly celebrated Christmas. No holiday joy, no cookies, no stockings – nothing. However, you decided that you would celebrate Christmas this year by setting up a tree and leaving some treats besides the fireplace. Then during the dead of night, an unexpected guest comes tumbling down the Chimney. Who is she, and what does she want?​

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